Sailing For Peace is an independent record label based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Why are we sailing for peace?

Sailing For Peace loves vinyl and awesome music. That's why we don't stop producing physically available music. It is our intention to market and sell the recorded music (and related goods) of artists whose music we truly love. We want to represent these artists as faithfully and optimally as possible.

How are we sailing for peace?

For our artists we act as a label (Sailing For Peace Records), as a publishing house (Sailing For Peace Publishing), as a strategic consultant or simply as a good friend and partner.

Who is sailing for peace?

Sailing For Peace is a bunch of crazy music people who either make music themselves or have earned their spurs in the music business (e.g. at the Swiss cult label We are organized as an association and reinvest the generated sales in the production of precious music.

What can we do for you?

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